We recycle Mainly

AM Brothers Recycling established in 2017 has been the leading collector of Recycle productsand has extended to Europe, Africa and Middle East

Used Cooking Oil

Tallow Oil

Collection of Animal Fats and Bones

AM Brother Recycling operates on a global scale across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Food manufacturers,
Fish and meat processing facilities,
Oil companies, and
Slaughterhouses are some of its clients.
We also encourage new businesses wishing to build up a bone broth, soup, or sauce processing facility to get in touch with us so we may start working on your project with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable partner that has experience in this highly in-demand industry field.

Our Vision

In our ideal world, category 3 animal bones would be utilized in the most sustainable way possible, yielding a 100% raw material yield for the production of high-quality, nutrient-dense food items. Our goal is to make this procedure possible while also preventing wasteful disposal of bone byproducts from the processing of meat and fish.

Additionally, part of our mission is to encourage the production and consumption of wholesome food worldwide in collaboration with our clients. We push the food sector toward more resource-conserving and sustainable food economies and policies with our solutions and services.

No one can establish a successful corporation without the correct guidelines of competence. So, stay in touch with us, and we’ll do everything in our power to earn your trust.


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