Am Brothers Recycling Ecological Line Mangia

Dynamic in the food assortment area for a long time, it flaunts an encounter that makes it one of the master organizations in the area.

Food varieties can be dependent upon short-lived conditions for various reasons when they don’t have a reasonable condition of safeguarding. Food items follow the cycle depicted by the “cool chain” which lays out the most ideal ways of keeping frozen or frozen items at a steady temperature and no higher than – 18 ° C, from creation to deal to the shopper. Each time the virus chain is intruded on (breakage of cold rooms or other modification of food) Am Brothers Recycling LINEA ECOLOGICA MANGIA SRL intercedes.

The Cold Chain

The items after assortment denied of the wrapping (which is thusly recuperated) are set inside a plant straightforwardly in a stacking pit.

After a few control processes it is moved to storehouses at a temperature of 70 ° (because of the presence of a generator situated close to the kettle and which recuperates the steam created by the last option).

Toward the finish, everything being equal, the completed item is shipped off biogas plants, getting back to nature as a characteristic fuel.


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